The Childs Booster Seat is fitted with a padded liner for extra comfort. The large contoured side wings provide superior side impact protection. The seat is large enough to allow most children up to approximately 4 years of age to use the in-built harness and allow many children to use the in-built harness until they are 5 or 6 years of age.


• Super padded trim with comfort accessories- head pillow, padded insert, shoulder pads and car seat saver mat
• Contoured side wings for side impact protection
• 2 recline positions for child’s comfort
• EPS side impact protection
• Arm Rests
• 4 harness shoulder slots positions
• Sash locator clip positions seat belt over child’s shoulder when used as a Booster seat
• Detachable cup holder
• Versa TetherTM compatible


Forward facing with in-built harness suitable until the child reaches the middle shoulder height marker – most 4 year olds.

Forward facing with a Lap Sash Seat belt can be used for children until they reach the upper shoulder height marker – most 7 year olds.

Child's Booster Seat with Back Rest and Arm Rests

$279.99 Regular Price
$209.99Sale Price
  • Forward Dimensions:
    (H) x 78.5cm (D) x 48.5cm (W) 49cm