Children may safely step up to & down from the height of the cot mattress - Avoid the necessity to lift children in and out of cots. 


A convenient set of 3 steps to enable a child, while under adult assistance, to step up to a height of 61cm (24”) (A standard chair is about 45cm. high)


Stands neatly beside cots & change tables etc. Children may step up to a height of 61cm making it easier to lift them instead of having to lift them from floor level. Particularly convenient to avoid bending over to lift heavier children & addresses any concerns regarding occupational health & safety.


All wooden smooth surfaces. The 2 lower steps can be folded in under the top step to make a convenient wooden multi-purpose stool 60cm long with the steps folded out. 


37cm overall width, Weighs 6kg, Made in Australia.

Cot & Change Table Entry / Exit Steps